No one, it has been said, will ever look at the Moon in the same way again. More significantly can one say that no one will ever look at the earth in the same way. Man had to free himself from earth to perceive both its diminutive place in a solar system and its inestimable value as a life -fostering planet. As earthmen, we may have taken another step into adulthood. We can see our planet earth with detachment, with tenderness, with some shame and pity, but at last also with love.
                                                                                                                                                                                         – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Our Story

AngelicvM Swiss Space Endeavor is a non-profit organization, comprised of an international, multidisciplinary group of professionals committed to create positive changes in the world. ASSE’s long-term goals, validated from the impact expected from its lunar mission, are to materialize the necessary funding and support to tackle humanitarian issues and basic needs. While at the same time, working on developing a well-established aerospace organization that will strive to break down the barriers of access to space.

Our Vision

A world with affordable access to space, where unity and spirituality are the key to a better world for the next generations.

Our Mission

Serve humanity by producing affordable space exploration technology, and uniting people from different cultures and walks of life to create a better world for future generations.

Core Values

  1. Unity
No matter what we do, we know that we can do it better by joining efforts, transmitting this sense of collaboration with others, and understanding that is the only way forward.
  1. Excellence
We encourage ourselves to not settle for “good” and continue working until we achieve the best.
  1. Conviction
We always set high goals for ourselves, and the only way to keep track of them, while overcoming all the difficulties and taking all the risks associated, is having a deep conviction in why our work is important, and always trusting our core values.
  1. Transcendence
Everything we do lies in selecting the best for the next generation, even though our causes extend beyond our lifetime.
  1. Inspiration
Our DNA drives us to do great things that can sow seeds of excitement and inspire new generations to do the same.
  1. Spirituality
We believe in the importance of the spiritual dimension of human beings, as food that nourishes our souls, and supports our beliefs and aspirations for a better world.