Someday I would like to stand on the Moon, look down through a quarter of a million miles of space and say, “There certainly is a beautiful earth out tonight.”
                                                                             – William H. Rankin


ASSE’s boldest project is called Team AngelicvM, and its main purpose is to build a small rover that will land on the surface of the Moon, and broadcast from the Moon back to Earth, a high definition video of a song that carries a message of faith, hope, peace, and unity to the world. Our message seeks to raise awareness of the many problems that we face as a global community, and encourage new generations to get involved and work together to make a difference locally and globally.



Team AngelicvM is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of professionals, strategically selected to develop all the dimensions of our project.
Currently, we have members from 4 different countries and their specialties range from engineering and science, to music and arts. We are honored to even have a former astronaut on board.
Team AngelicvM is under the umbrella of AngelicvM Swiss Space Endeavor, and so far, its main benefactor has been AngelicvM Investments.


– Small, low cost and low mass lunar rover

– 5 Kilograms of mass

– Envelope of 450x450x300 mm

– 4 wheels and differential steering

– Nominal power consumption of 12W

– Use lander to relay comms back to earth


We have been developing technology and content since 2010. We have a “prototyping lab” located in Gland – Switzerland. From there we are developing our technical work.

We have an agreement in place with Astrobotic Technology, Inc. (one of the leading companies in the development of lunar landers) for the launching of the rover and its landing on the surface of the moon.

We have two very important partnerships in place. The first is with an Orlando-based company called Terran Sciences Group. They are actively helping us with the early stages of the development of our lunar rover. The second one is with Ideanco, an Abu Dhabi-based management consultancy company which aims to inject liquidity into the Team AngelicvM business model, as well as develop and promote our brand.

We have a development model of our 5Kg lunar rover. This prototype was successfully tested in the Mojave Desert during October of 2015 in order to validate the concepts involved. We are currently working on another iteration of the design before moving forward with the flight model.

We have sponsored the Global Aerospace Summit twice (Abu Dhabi, 2012 and 2014). Our CEO Mauricio Guerrero was invited to join the Space Committee on the Advisory Board for the 2016 Summit. We were also the main sponsor of the 2015 Global Space & Satellite Forum.

Primarily for marketing purposes, we came up with a promotional design of a six-wheeled rover. Mirco Pecorari, well-known Italian designer that has worked with worldwide famous brands like Ferrari, was in charge of the development of the new look and feel of this model.

We created our “hero” (the rover), named Uni (short for Unity.) Uni goes to the Moon with a scientific team, but is left behind when the team returns. This is when Uni’s adventures start. He finds himself wandering around the surface of the Moon, and discovering a whole new world full of exciting possibilities, challenges and dangers. For this purpose, we created a Stop Motion Animation series based on the highly successful Pixar movie Wall-E. Each episode is about 120 seconds long. We have already finished the first 3 episodes.

We are producing a series of 1 to 2-minute Fun Facts Videos, where we explain facts about the Moon and Space in a fun, youthful way.

Stop Motion Videos

Fun Facts Videos